Eva Longoria stops to pet a dog
Posted on 10.17.05 by Administrator @ 10:17 pm

OCTOBER 13:  After lunching with a friend, Eva Longoria made a pit stop in Hollywood, Ca. to pet a cute pooch. The tv star left in her BMW with a plate that reads “follow me to wisteria lane”.


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Eva Longoria
Posted on 09.26.05 by Administrator @ 10:49 pm

SEPTEMBER 23 – HOLLYWOOD:  Eva Longoria takes her dog Jinxy out for a walk. 


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Eva Longoria walks her dog
Posted on 07.08.05 by Administrator @ 2:37 pm

Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives with her pampered pooch Jinxy. The two were in a park in downtown Toronto while Longoria was on a break from shooting ‘The Sentinel’. 



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Eva Longoria with her dog
Posted on 06.30.05 by Administrator @ 12:27 pm

Here’s a bunch of pics of ‘Desperate Houswives’ star Eva Longoria with her dog.  Pics courtesy of JJB.


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