Nicole Richie
Posted on 04.10.06 by Administrator @ 8:23 pm

Nicole Richie poses with her Shih tzu Honeychild.

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Nicole Richie
Posted on 03.13.06 by Administrator @ 7:21 pm

Nicole Richie carries her Pomeranian Foxxy Cleopatra while filming “The Simple Life”.

Nicole Richie has always been known for her eccentric choice in watches and shoes and even handbags. They usually live for shopping and need only a pair of sunglasses and a few creditcards to get started.

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Nicole Richie
Posted on 01.31.06 by Administrator @ 8:53 pm

January 29:  Nicole Richie has lunch with her friends and her adorable dogs, Foxxy Cleopatra and Honeychild.



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Nicole Richie & her dog in Who magazine
Posted on 12.19.05 by Administrator @ 6:01 pm

Here’s a picture from Who Magazine of Nicole Richie and Foxxy Cleopatra.  Nicole is featured in the Australian mag’s list of the Most Intriguing People of 2005.  Source:

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Nicole Richie walks her dogs
Posted on 11.29.05 by Administrator @ 3:49 pm

Here are some recent pics of Nicole walking Honey and Foxxy.


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Nicole Richie in OK! magazine
Posted on 09.24.05 by Administrator @ 6:19 pm

Nicole with her dogs in this month’s OK! magazine.

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Nicole Richie & Mischa Barton
Posted on 09.07.05 by Administrator @ 8:30 pm

SEPTEMBER 4:  Nicole Richie  enjoys a nice walk on the beach with friends including Mischa Barton.  Nicole had her two dogs with her and Mischa also brought along her pooch, Charlie. 





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Nicole again
Posted on 09.06.05 by Administrator @ 10:36 am

SEPTEMBER 1:  “Nicole Richie takes her pooches, Honey Child and Foxxy Cleopatra, for a walk while waiting for her car to be washed in Los Angeles on Thursday. Richie (who’ll return for a fourth season of her reality show The Simple Life) is planning on marrying fiancé Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein next summer.”  From

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