Paris Hilton
Posted on 04.10.06 by Administrator @ 8:21 pm

Paris Hilton with her four dogs while filming the latest series of The Simple Life.


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Paris Hilton with her new puppies
Posted on 12.16.05 by Administrator @ 11:59 pm

Paris was seen out with two new puppies recently.   They are apparently the ones that she recently got in Japan, which she named Tokyo Blu and Harajuku Bitch.  Oh that crazy Paris.


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Paris & Tinkerbell, together again
Posted on 11.30.05 by Administrator @ 10:09 pm

Here are some recent shots of Paris out and about with Tinkerbell:



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Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell
Posted on 11.21.05 by Administrator @ 10:11 pm

Paris Hilton was seen with her Chihuahua Tinkerbell and her new pet kinkajou.  More pics of them can be found at justjared

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Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell
Posted on 11.04.05 by Administrator @ 5:59 pm

OCTOBER 31:  Paris Hilton was recently seen out with Tinkerbell again in LA this week.


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Paris Hilton with Bambi
Posted on 10.25.05 by Administrator @ 4:59 pm

OCTOBER 23 – It’s been a while since we’ve seen Paris out with her dogs. (Lately she’s taken to appearing on the red carpet with her new pet ferret!)  Here she is in LA shopping for a Halloween costume with her dog Bambi.


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Alice Cooper makes fun of Paris & Tinkerbell
Posted on 09.27.05 by Administrator @ 11:51 am


Alice Cooper

 Rocker Alice Cooper, annoyed by Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua, decided to make fun of her on his tour.

Cooper, 57, declared during an interview that, tired to see all the swanky pop singers with a chihuahua in their purse, decided to hire a Paris Hilton lookalike to fight with a little dog on stage, on his Dirty Diamonds tour, launched in America in August 2005. 

He says: “Is anybody not tired of seeing these divas with these little chihuahuas in their purse?  I said: ‘What would happen if one of the chihuahuas went for her throat and she’s on the floor beating this dog? The audience is dying laughing because everybody wants to see that!”

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Paris Hilton with Bambi
Posted on 09.16.05 by Administrator @ 12:29 pm

SEPTEMBER 10:  Paris Hilton and her dog Bambi arrive at the Playstation Portable Spring 2006 show at Skylight Studios in New York City.


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