Nicole Richie & her dog in Who magazine
Posted on 12.19.05 by Administrator @ 6:01 pm

Here’s a picture from Who Magazine of Nicole Richie and Foxxy Cleopatra.  Nicole is featured in the Australian mag’s list of the Most Intriguing People of 2005.  Source:

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Carmen Electra
Posted on 12.18.05 by Administrator @ 7:51 pm

Happy Holidays from Carmen Electra and her pooch!

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Paris Hilton with her new puppies
Posted on 12.16.05 by Administrator @ 11:59 pm

Paris was seen out with two new puppies recently.   They are apparently the ones that she recently got in Japan, which she named Tokyo Blu and Harajuku Bitch.  Oh that crazy Paris.


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Adam Brody
Posted on 12.16.05 by Administrator @ 8:50 pm

Adam Brody walks his dog Penny Lane in L.A. on Monday.

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Jude Law
Posted on 12.14.05 by Administrator @ 11:44 am

Jude Law is seen in London with his son and Sienna Miller’s dogs, Porgy and Bess.


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Reese Witherspoon
Posted on 12.14.05 by Administrator @ 11:43 am

Reese Witherspoon, here with her son Deacon, walks her dog.


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Joss Stone named Best Celebrity Dog Owner
Posted on 12.14.05 by Administrator @ 12:46 am

When it comes to celebrity dog-parenting skills, Joss Stone is tops and Paris Hilton is the worst, according to an online vote by readers of two dog magazines.

Stone, who has a poodle named Dusty Springfield, volunteered for the North Shore Animal League America after seeing images of pets stranded in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, said The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines.

The 18-year-old British singer also recorded a public service announcement seeking support for the homeless pets of the Gulf Coast.

“Joss is a huge advocate for shelter dogs and it’s not just talk,” said Leslie Padgett, editor of the magazines. “This year, despite an incredibly hectic schedule, she went out of her way to help the dogs of Katrina and Wilma.”

Hilton, a 24-year-old hotel heiress and star of “The Simple Life,” was voted the world’s worst celebrity dog owner.

“First she loses Tinkerbell, then she ditches her for a cuter dog, then replaces that dog with a ferret, then a kinkajou monkey and then, I gather, a goat,” Padgett said in a statement. “Recently Tinkerbell was spotted back in Paris’ arms. But how long will she be in favor this time?”

Stone narrowly edged out Ashley Olsen, who adopted a mixed-breed from the Animal Haven Shelter in New York.
Tori Spelling, a pug owner who has “tirelessly campaigned” for the Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles, placed third.

The voting took place over a three-month period among visitors to the Web sites and Results were released Friday. The results weren’t scientifically representative of the magazines’ readers.

Source: yahoo news

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Adrien Brody in Paw Luxuries Magazine
Posted on 12.02.05 by Administrator @ 8:42 pm

Thanks to Tara from Paw Luxuries Magazine for this pic of Adrien Brody and his pet Chihuahua on the cover of their winter issue!  Adrien is a real animal lover and is promoting Noah’s Wish, an animal disaster relief charity.

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